Wildlife surveys UC Merced Campus  Seining for California tiger salamanders, stream surveys for foothill yellow-legged frogs, and protocol-level surveys for San Joaquin kit fox.  Resulted in published work entitled “Wildlife and Rare Plant Ecology of Eastern Merced County’s Vernal Pool Grasslands”, J.E. Vollmar (eds.).

Resource Management Plan San Francisco International Airport  Seven years of field surveys and annual reports to document trends in California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake populations.

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) Member of advisory group providing guidance in formulating conservation measures for the San Joaquin kit fox: East Contra Costa and Tulare counties HCPs.

California Tiger Salamander Pit-Fall Trapping Projects A six-year trap and relocation study at a proposed development site in Contra Costa County. The main purpose of the study was to remove salamanders from the proposed development site, and also to obtain data on the movement patterns and timing of migration. Resulted in published paper. Also, conducted protocol-level pit-fall trapping surveys in Sonoma County.

Marsh Restoration in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Completed Phase I of ongoing marsh restoration and education center project. Special-status species surveys, opportunities and constraints, plan development.

Sierra Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Studies for PG&E relicensing  Developed study plan and conducted surveys for foothill yellow-legged frog and pond turtle occurrence on  North Fork Mokelumne, Middle Fork Stanislaus, South Fork Stanislaus, and North Fork Feather rivers.

HCP San Luis Obispo County Analyzed impacts of changes to creek flow releases on California red-legged frogs relative to native fishery.

Wildlife Projects Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories Conducted the biological research, defined impacts, recommended mitigation measures, and wrote the technical reports (EIR/EIS). Focused studies included kit fox surveys, tiger salamander and red-legged frog surveys, small mammal trapping, and raptor time‑area counts.

Puerto Rican Boa Focused surveys and section 7 consultation for impacts of housing project on the federally and commonwealth-endangered Puerto Rican boa, Puerto Rico.

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